Thanks so much for being here. I’ll make quick introduction! I’m proud to be from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I went to the University of Maryland, where I double majored in journalism and government and earned my degree in 2016. I landed in D.C. not long after that. I worked on staff as a writer and then editor at Vox Media, and I’ve been freelancing and hosting a podcast since 2020.

I enjoy working with clients of all different types, writing and talking about an equally broad range of subjects. I’ve spent much of my career working around sports, which has taught me a lot about how to apply media skills to other areas. I like to tell people that sportswriting is good preparation for business writing, because it sharpens your ability to tell when someone is lying. In 2020, I co-authored my first book with four talented colleagues, and I’ve since been lucky to write for a lot of incredible outlets that I grew up reading.

I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in working together or have some feedback on something I’ve already done. Or you can reach out if you’d like to vent about the Pittsburgh Pirates. Feel free to email me, tweet at me, or get in touch using the information on this page.